Rat Control

If you have seen only evidence of a lone rat, or are not sure whether you have at all, it will be cheaper and more convenient for you to place a form of rat control on your premises rather than call in a pest exterminator immediately. The rat controls below have received excellent feedback and are recommended to solve your minor rat control problems.

Electronic Rat Killer

The electronic rat killer is a professional rat control tool which is both humane and inexpensive. It works by electrocuting the rat once it has been lured into the box by bait placed both inside and on the “door” of the trap.

Pro:  It is an effective means of capturing the rat without the risk of leaving a poisoned carcass around for a child or pet to investigate.

Con: It is not recommended for use outside the house.

The electronic rat killer can be re-used time and time again provided you regularly replace the batteries. Unless you have an existing problem with a large number of rats, you should need to order only one electronic rat killer (link)

Rat Cage Trap

This is a rat trap, rather than a rat killer, so is a way of first catching your rat and then releasing him into the wild – far away from your home. It is more effective than a mousetrap as it accommodates the more portly rodent, and means that you do not have to kill the rat to get rid of him.

Pro: No killing involved

Con: You still have to dispose of the rat

The rat cage trap can be used indoors or outside, and is a humane means of relocating any rats which have found a home in yours (link)

Rat Bait

Most professional pest control companies will resort to rat bait if you have an extensive or persistent rat problem in your home. This rat bait is aniseed scented to make it attractive to rats and works by poisoning the rodents with Difenacoum

Pro: Effective rat control if you have more than one rat to get rid of

Con: The use of poison in the home and the potential risks to animals and children

Because of the toxic nature of the rat bait, it is recommended that you dispense the bait in lockable “bait stations” to prevent accidental poisoning (Link to Rat Bait) (Link to Bait Station)

Should these measures fail to eliminate your rat problem, you possibly have a very large colony of rats in your vicinity. This is the point at which you should call your local council’s environmental health department or contact a professional pest control company.