Best Rat Repellents

The best rat repellent devices are those which are silent and effective. You may not want to advertise the fact that you suspect you have rats in your home or garden, so we have chosen products to recommend based on their ease of application and because they can be used discretely.

Electronic Rat Repellent (Indoors)

indoor electronic rat repellerThis rat repeller uses fluctuating ultrasonic waves to cause auditory stress to rats, making it uncomfortable for them to stay in the same room as the device. The larger models of ultrasonic rat repellent transmit their signal via the electric cabling in your house. Consequently, any rodent sheltering in a wall cavity or beneath the floor will still be repelled by the ultrasonic wave.

Pro:  Silent once activated, and means that you do not have to use traps or chemicals. The electronic rat repellent does not harm humans, dogs, cats, fish or birds.

Con: If you are not certain that you have rats, you will not know whether this is an effective rat repeller

Electronic Rat Repellents are available for smaller properties or garages covering an area of up to 500 sq. feet, in packs of three for larger properties, or for the biggest houses and commercial premises with a range of 2,000 feet and 3,000 sq. feet. Find out more or buy online.

Electronic Rat Repellent (Outdoors)

outside ret repellerThis product is similar to the indoor ultrasound rat repellent in that it emits an inaudible (to humans) ultrasonic wave which repels rats which are present in your garden

Pro: Harmless and only works when the motion detector senses a rat

Con: Fails to penetrate outhouse walls and you will need an indoor rat repellent for sheds, garages and greenhouses

Although battery powered, the exterior ultrasonic rat repellent works better using an AC power source. Therefore, as well as ordering the rat repeller unit it is recommended that you purchase a suitable AC/DC adaptor.

Organic Rat Repellent

organic rat repellentOrganic rat repellent works by releasing an aroma which leads the rat to believe that there is a predator nearby. Completely harmless if swallowed (although not recommended!), this natural rat repellent is an excellent solution for sheds and garages, and around bins and compost heaps.

Pro: Not a rat killer. The rats just move away

Con: Not ideal for internal use

The quantity of organic rat repellent you will need will be based on the area(s) you need to cover. One bottle should accommodate most properties initially, available from amazon.

If – even after trying these rat repellents – your rat problem continues to exist, you may wish to review the rat control products featured on the next page.